It’s Vital to Use a Motor Oil Specifically Formulated for Marine Engines.

Passenger car motor oils don’t necessarily meet the demands of marine engines Although some boaters and anglers don’t realize it, using a dedicated marine oil is vital to protecting marine motors. A 2014 industry survey of North American boat owners […]


New AMSOIL 25W-40 Synthetic-Blend Marine Engine Oil (WCM) highlights improvements to the AMSOIL marine product line. Existing products receive fresh labels and packaging; their formulations and pricing remain unchanged. Most anglers work full-time and have precious little time for fishing. […]

Is Diesel Dead in America?

Despite the recent black eye to the industry, a well maintained diesel still offers tremendous benefits. A properly maintained diesel offers benefits that make diesel a viable option for most of us. Plus, automakers are continuing to roll out diesel […]

The Right Hydraulic Oil Can Make a Difference

Amsoil formulates a hydraulic oil for just about any operating condition. Although easy to miss, hydraulic systems are everywhere; without them life would become very difficult. Hydraulic systems may be as simple as a floor jack in your garage doors […]

Amsoil Fuel Additive Improves Vehicle Performance

Amsoil fuel additives improves vehicle performance Unlike all-in-one additives, Amsoil fuel additives are formulated to provide nearly immediate results When vehicle performance and fuel economy decline, many motorists turn to fuel additives to solve the problem. There are several brands […]

New Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid Expands Market

New synthetic dirt bike transmission fluid is designed for writers who prefer a dedicated transmission fluid instead of a multipurpose motor oil. Last year Amsoil introduced a synthetic dirt bike oil it is fine-tuned for confident clutch feel and outstanding […]

Antifreeze/Coolant Must Do More than Offer Extreme Temperature Protection

AMSOIL Antifreeze/Coolants use state-of-the-art organic acid technology to deliver optimum performance. Antifreeze helps lower the freeze point of water so our engines stay in one piece during the winter months. They use either ethylene glycol (EG) or propylene glycol (PG) […]


New AMSOIL Chain Lube provides dedicated protect and performance for on and off-road motorcycle chains. In order to ensure optimum performance and life, motorcycle chains require premium lubrication. Sport bike riders need a chain lubricant that can withstand stress regularly […]

AMSOIL Diesel Additives Improve Cold-Weather Performance

As performance concentrates, they provide results for diesel owners unsatisfied with “all-in-one” additives El Niño continues to disrupt weather patterns around North America this winter. It’s been warmer than normal here in Superior, WI, but above average temperatures here don’t […]

Three Primary Factors Are Normally Responsible For Oil Failure.

Oil that becomes too thin, too thick or too acidic has exceeded its useful life.     When motor oil exceeds its useful life or is affected by a mechanical defect, it most commonly becomes too thin to separate metal […]