LUBRICATION 101: A Look at Basic Lubrication Concepts

Lubrication can be a daunting subject for someone unfamiliar with its basic concepts. Even someone with experience in the field can be confused by the multitude of lubricants available on the market today. Reviewing a few basic lubrication principles can […]

Outstanding Protection and Performance for Victory and Indian Motorcycles

Victory® and Indian® motorcycles have stormed the market in recent years, presenting riders with American V-Twin bike options beyond those offered by Harley-Davidson®. While both the Victory and Indian brands are owned by Polaris® and appeal to riders who want […]

New Products for V-Twins Motorcycles

Synthetic V-Twin Fluid (MVT) and Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid (MVP) are purpose built for bikers who shy away from using a motor oil in their motorcycles’ transmissions or primary chaincases. Main Recommendations Unchanged The main recommendation for motorcycle transmissions and […]


A robust transmission fluid keeps a vehicle’s drivetrain performing the way it should with smooth shifting, no slipping and long-term wear protection. AMSOIL manufactures a variety of high-quality automatic and manual transmission fluids. SIGNATURE SERIES SYNTHETIC ATF Signature Series Synthetic […]


Signature Series once again raises the bar for motor oil performance The sequence IIIG Engine Test (ASTMD7320) is designed to evaluate automotive motor oils for oil thickening, piston deposits, oil consumption and engine wear during moderately high-speed, high-temperature service. It […]

Internal Diesel Injector Deposits

Advancements in diesel fuel delivery systems have resulted in more power, improved fuel economy and fewer emissions. But one challenge remains: performance-robbing deposits. The HEUI System In the early 1990s, diesel engine manufacturers began seeking ways to increase fuel efficiency […]

Oil Analysis Can Provide Tremendous Value

Carefully consider all factors before performing an analysis to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness. Oil Analyzers Value Kit as a cost-effective test to determine whether motor oil is suitable for continued use. The kit provides “just the facts,” information and can be […]

Quality Filtration Is Equally As Important As Quality Lubrication

Filters are often overlooked, but they are integral to keeping oil clean and performing at its best. It’s often said that motor oil is the lifeblood of the engine. We depend on it to prevent wear, maintain cleanliness, minimize operating […]

Fuel-System Maintenance is Essential in Modern Engines

Without regular cleaning, today’s engines will not deliver the power and fuel economy they are designed to deliver. It used to be common practice for vehicle owners to spend a Saturday afternoon in the garage, giving the vehicles a tune-up. […]

Two and Four Stroke Engine Applications and Lubrication Needs

Two-stroke and four stroke engines are designed differently and operate under different conditions, requiring different lubrication methods. Internal combustion engines are used to produce mechanical power from the chemical energy contained in hydrocarbon fuels. The power producing part of the […]