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Like motor oil, transmission fluid must now do more. What’s more important to your vehicle, the engine or transmission? It’s a trick question; they’re equally important. You’re not going anywhere without
The fuel some love to hate isn’t the problem – letting gasoline sit too long is the real problem. How did an alternative fuel made mostly from corn grown in the
These increasingly common features of modern engines heighten power and efficiency, but also present serious challenges to motor oil. The push toward smaller, fuel efficient, yet powerful engines has driven the
AMSOIL 15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil (MSV) expands the V-twin motorcycle oil product line. It is recommended for the popular Indian* Scout* and all Victory* motorcycles, providing opportunities for sales
Maximizing two-stroke equipment power and operability Requires an oil that fights deposits. An internal-combustion engine needs three things to run: fuel, spark and air. Most people realize the importance of fuel
Today’s smaller, hotter-running engines pose significant challenges to lubricants. The latest is a phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), which can destroy pistons and connecting rods. What is LSPI? As its name implies,