Fuel-System Maintenance is Essential in Modern Engines

Without regular cleaning, today’s engines will not deliver the power and fuel economy they are designed to deliver. It used to be common practice for vehicle owners to spend a Saturday afternoon in the garage, giving the vehicles a tune-up. […]

Two and Four Stroke Engine Applications and Lubrication Needs

Two-stroke and four stroke engines are designed differently and operate under different conditions, requiring different lubrication methods. Internal combustion engines are used to produce mechanical power from the chemical energy contained in hydrocarbon fuels. The power producing part of the […]

The Thick and Thin of Grease

UNIQUE THICKENER SYSTEMS GIVE EACH GREASE ITS DISTINCTIVE PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS. Grease manufacturing is a highly complex and detailed process that starts with base oil, thickener and additives. Base oil provides the lubricity and foundation consistency of grease while thickener constitutes […]

Updated Las Vegas Taxicab Field Study

This field study has been updated (G3118) to include new transmission results from another Dodge Charger taxi cab that accumulated 12,891 hours (183,705 miles) on a single transmission fluid change. The second edition of the Las Vegas taxicab field study includes […]

Influencing the Influencers

AMSOIL partnered with the MOTORCYCLE MECHANICS INSTITUTE (MMI) and MARINE MECHANICS INSTITUTE (MMI) AMSOIL has entered a partnership with Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to become the official oil of its motorcycle and marine divisions, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) and […]

AMSOIL Quality-Control Measures Are Thorough And Extensive.

Other companies might tout their quality-control practices, but few approach the AMSOIL standard When visitors tour AMSOIL headquarters in Superior, Wis., they frequently comment on the cleanliness of the facilities. Whether you walk around the offices, distribution center or the […]

Most Powersports Engine Problems Are Either Mechanical, Fuel-Related Or Due To Neglect

AMSOIL offers products that can help avoid many of those problems The last thing I want to deal with during my free time in the summer is engine problems. I want to be riding or getting my outdoor chores done, […]

A New, Low Cost Oil Analysis

Oil Analyzers Inc. (OAI) has launched a new Oil Analyzers Value Kit (KIT14) that focuses on the most critical used oil analysis tests. It provides less information than traditional kits, but more focus on the areas of most importance to […]

Low-Volatility Motor Oil Helps Unlock Vehicle Performance

To meet today’s strict motor oil specifications and adequately protect modern engines, motor oils must demonstrate increased resistance to volatility. Nearly 30 years ago AMSOIL became the first oil manufacturer in the United States to use the NOACK Volatility Test […]

The Marine Market

The boating season is here and with the popularity of boating and fishing on the rise, premium Amsoil synthetic lubricants keep the customers on the water. Research into the Marine market reveals boating is on the rise, with the National […]