Chemical Company Saves Money With AMSOIL Metal Protector (AMP)

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AMSOIL Metal Protector (AMP) is saving a water treatment chemical company in Texas a lot of money.

Global Water Treatment Chemicals, Inc. in Weatherford, Texas is a manufacturer and distributor of water-treatment chemicals for the United States and international markets. Its product line includes 2 5/8-inch and 3-inch chlorine tablets for the treatment of water in septic systems and swimming pools. The tablets are made from 65 percent granular calcium hypochlorite.

The tablets are created using two Stokes tablet presses, one for each tablet size. The granular calcium hypochlorite is fed into a cylinder on the press, and under 75 tons of pressure, a die presses the granules into tablets.

A significant amount of chlorine dust is created on the presses and components, and no matter how hard employees worked to clean and maintain the equipment, rust formed on the components.

Eventually, rust would get to the point that the platform, cylinders and dies would need to be replaced, since replacement parts are no longer available for these presses, each part would have to be individually machine-tooled.

The Company tried many products in its effort to extend the life of the parts. WD40, silicone sprays and other types of products but nothing prevented rust from forming (on the components) between production runs.

An employee of the Company saw a can of Amsoil Metal Protector (AMP) in a friends race car trailer and tried it and it worked.

There was no rust on the presses overnight or over the weekend.

At the end of each production run, chlorine dust is vacuumed from the press and its components. The cylinder, die and platform are thoroughly cleaned then sprayed with Metal Protector to prevent rust from forming on the bare metal parts between production runs.

The parts were tooled every six months for each press, after the Company started using Amsoil Metal Protector, these parts do not have to be replaced every six months, for an annual savings of $24,000.