According to an industry survey, U.S. bikers value engine protection and quality above all else.



Over 80 percent of survey respondents rate engine protection and quality as important or very important when selecting motorcycle oil. Viscosity grade and motorcycle-specific formulations are also important or very important to a majority of respondents. Interestingly, price was the sixth most important factor, indicating most bikers are willing to pay a premium for motorcycle oils that help them get the best performance and most years from their engines. Results indicate what motorcyclists want in a motor oil is exactly what AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil delivers.

Keeping Bikes Longer

The demographics of the U.S.motorcycle fleet may have played a large role in how bikers responded to the survey. Sales of new bikes, as reported by the Motorcycle Industry Council, reached 452,400 in 2012. However, over half of the 10 million bikes in the U.S. fleet are almost seven years old, while almost 25 percent predate 1995. Bikers are keeping their motorcycles longer and selecting lubricants that help them do that by maximizing engine protection and longevity.

Motorcycle Specific Formulations

Bikers also value motor oils formulated specifically for motorcycles, demonstrating that many understand the unique challenges motorcycles present to lubricants and the need to use lubricants formulated to meet those challenges. Motorcycles run hotter and at higher rpm than passengers cars/light trucks – conditions that require robust oils formulated to resist viscosity loss due to extreme heat and mechanical shear. In many bikes, the oil must lubricate the engine, transmission and primary chaincase simultaneously. Effectively protecting against engine and gear wear while delivering superior clutch performance requires a balanced oil tailored to protect all critical areas. Passenger-car/light-truck motor oils simply aren’t designed to meet the needs of motorcycles. However, 59 percent of respondents indicated an API-certified oil was very important.

Synthetics on the Rise

Full-synthetic oils rate as important or very important to 42 percent of respondents. Where bikers once had to be convinced of synthetics’ superiority, many now understand synthetics are better-suited to protect their engines in the toughest riding conditions. The survey also found that the strength of brand reputation and explicit product quality claims are two key differentiators in the market. The AMSOIL brand signifies industry-leading quality due to the company’s presence at the largest and most influential motorcycle rallies in North America – including Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week and Laconia Motorcycle Week – and its sponsorships in the motorcycle racing markets, including AMSOIL Arenacross, Erik Buell Racing, Monster Energy Supercross and Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships.

More importantly, AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil lives up to its performance claims experienced by countless bikers. Formulated specifically to meet the demands of motorcycles, its exceptional maximum wear protection. AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil promotes superior engine cleanliness, wet-clutch performance and transmission protection. Its performance has earned AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil a strong reputation for quality, delivering the performance bikers want.