Synthetic Oil in Your Motorcycle for a Better Ride

Spring is almost here. People are ready to rev their engines, eager to get out and have some fun on the open road. Before heading out, you should know that synthetic oil is superior to conventional oil, and it will help your motorcycle run more efficiently.

You’ll have a more enjoyable road trip when you know you’re giving your motorcycle the best option for lubrication.

Why Choose Synthetic Oil for Your Ride?

You want to treat your motorcycle engine well. This includes giving it the proper lubrication. Conventional oil may be what you reached for when first starting out, or is just what your mechanic has preferred to use when changing your oil and doing tune-ups.

But synthetic oil is preferable because it enables your bike’s engine to run cooler. And synthetic oil is better at withstanding the high heat of high-performance engines and when operating under heavy loads.

The main benefit of using synthetic oil is that you avoid impurities building up. Our synthetic oils and filtration (ultra-fine for greater purity) are prized by our motorcyclist customers in the greater Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts communities.

Synthetic oil makes for more fun on the road, with more time in between needing to change the oil.

Sure, conventional mineral oil is cheaper than synthetic oil. But the resulting product is less stable. It doesn’t hold up as well under heavy loads produced in your motorcycle engine, let alone the heat it generates.

The result of using conventional oil is you may experience a louder ride with less efficiency. And you have to change the oil more frequently, which interferes with the main point of riding a bike—maximizing your adventure and fun out of doors!

It’s More Rewarding to Ride a Motorcycle When It’s Operating at Peak Efficiency

Nothing feels quite as free as hitting the road with your motorcycle. Whether you are on a solo trip or riding with a group, you’ll want to make sure your ride is smooth and reliable.

This is why so many motorcycle enthusiasts prefer to obtain synthetic oil for the vehicle from authorized Amsoil dealer Dave Consalvo. Our top-of-the-line synthetic oils are ideal for any motorcycle rider who understands the benefits of fewer oil changes being needed and a smoother, more efficient ride. To learn more about using synthetic oil to protect your bike, get in touch with us today.

Get the Right Products for Your Motorcycle

Amsoil’s line of synthetic lubrication products represents the finest level of protection you can buy for your motorcycle. If you need help finding the right product for you, contact authorized Amsoil dealer Dave Consalvo today.