Dave Consalvo AMSOIL Authorized Dealer

Protect Your Investment

When you combine quality synthetic lubricants and an oil analysis program the results are phenomenal! Equipment reliability goes up and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

We provide our customers with premium synthetic lubricants and ultra-fine filtration. Dave Consalvo, owner of Oil-Synthetic.com, will design and implement an oil analysis program that is tailored to your specific industry and individual needs. Whether you are a maintenance supervisor, trucking company, or heavy equipment operation, or manufacturing facility, you will cut costs, reduce downtime, increase fuel economy, and improve reliability with Amsoil.

How to Open an AMSOIL Commercial Account

If you are interested in using AMSOIL products in your company equipment, AMSOIL will send you an information package.

Dave Consalvo will provide you with the customer service you deserve and expect. We’re only a phone call or email away.
978-256-3695 | dconsalvo@comcast.net