Snowmobile Protection

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil Proves Itself In Top Three Snowmobile Brands

After a full season of real-world riding, INTERCEPTOR completely prevented ring sticking, piston scuffing and exhaust all valve sticking Arctic Cat, Ski Do in Polaris snowmobiles.

During the winter of 2015/16, Amsoil INTERCEPTOR synthetic two-stroke oil was tested in the three top makes of snowmobiles.

AMSOIL InterceptorSKU and XZX 600 TNT
Polaris Indy 600
Arctic cat ZR 6000

Each sled was added to the rental fleet of a different outfitter in the Eagle River area and placed into a real world service. Typical riding conditions included frequent throttle bursts; all day, aggressive riding and the general wear and tear endured by the rental equipment.

Excellent Protection Against Wear And Deposits

At the end of the riding season, we disassembled the sleds and examines parts for deposits, wear and other distressed areas. In all three makes, INTERCEPTOR completely prevented:

  • piston ring sticking piston
  • piston scuffing
  • exhaust power valve sticking
  • abnormal deposit buildup

These results are even more impressive considering the increased demands modern snowmobile engines place on oil. Government mandates have led snowmobile builders to design engines that burn less oil to reduce exhaust emissions. Burning more air and less oil, however, increases harmful heat while inviting wear deposits if the oil isn’t capable of protecting these extreme conditions. Simply put, today’s sophisticated sleds demand more from two-stroke oils

Undercut OEMs Claims

Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) often attempt to capitalize on the need to use higher-quality oils in today’s sleds by placing doubt in the minds of enthusiasts about warranty coverage should the OEM branded oil not be used. Not coincidentally, the OEM branded oil typically comes at a premium price.

Their marketing also is built on the notion that only their brand of oil is designed to withstand the challenges of their brand of sled.

Once again, these field study results prove otherwise. INTERCEPTOR delivered excellent protection for pistons while fighting carbon buildup on exhaust power valves for reliable, no-stick performance. In addition, it’s Warranty Secure, keeping your factory warranty intact. INTERCEPTOR is a high performance replacement for vehicle manufacturer-branded products is also back by the Amsoil Limited Warranty.