Anyone Can Claim to Stand Apart From The Crowd

How do you make the world’s best motor oil even better? With more than two years of calculated and persistent research and development validated by several rounds of bench, dyno and field tests, that’s how.

The previous version of Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil was the best motor oil we’d ever made. It delivered on all fronts, and it did so while providing enthusiasts maximum engine protection and performance while providing the ability to extend drain intervals if they wanted.

When we planned how to improve Signature Series in anticipation of the forthcoming GM* and ILSAC/ API specification changes, we knew we had a challenge on our hands. We had to raise the bar even higher and push the limits of technology to ensure we continued to offer the best performance and meet the new challenges of modern engines that run hotter, produce more contaminants and present tougher conditions to motor oil. The oil would need to fight low speed pre-ignition (LSPI), a damaging side effect surfacing in modern turbocharged, gasoline-direct-injected (T-GDI) engines; protect turbos despite intense heat and stress; fight engine wear; maintain its viscosity despite high heat and shearing force and continue to provide reserve protection for extended drain intervals.

We went to work formulating, testing, reformulating and testing again. And again. The test results exceeded our expectations, and after more than two years, we arrived at the Signature Series product now available to you.

You’ve likely noticed several performance claims surrounding the new product. These claims continue our tradition of setting our products apart from our competitors and showing customers how they benefit from using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Let me illustrate.

  • 75% more protection against horsepower loss and wear1


I hope you’ve seen this claim by now. It’s front-and-center on the product label and in our ads since research tells us enthusiasts value wear protection above all other motor oil benefits. We validated the claim based on the industry-standard API Sequence IV-A Engine Wear Test, the gold standard for testing engine wear. The test uses a 2.4L four-cylinder engine that runs 100 hours under extreme conditions designed to encourage wear. Signature Series crushed this test, delivering 75 percent more wear protection than required to pass.

  • Handles heat so well that it protects turbochargers 72% better than required by GM’s dexos1® Gen 2 specification2


Here’s another important claim given the prevalence of turbos today. In fact, turbos were installed in a record 27.6 percent of vehicles built through March 2017, according to WardsAuto. The claim is based on the turbo coking test General Motors uses for its dexos1 Gen 2 specification. The oil is run in a 1.4L engine subject to extreme heat soaks. This means test administrators  get the turbo extremely hot, then shut down the engine, allowing the intense heat to bake the oil. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do to a turbocharged engine if you want it to last. However, this is an extreme test to differentiate between good and bad oils, so the process is repeated 2,000 times.

Signature Series handled it with ease, providing 72 percent more protection than required. You can rest assured that your turbocharger is protected despite intense heat and stress.

  • Achieved 100% protection against LSPI3


LSPI is the biggest new challenge for the automotive industry, and it is driving significant changes to motor oils. LSPI is a more destructive form of traditional engine knock that occurs in T-GDI vehicles. Motor oil can help prevent LSPI, which is why the industry has been working hard to upgrade specifications to include tests for LSPI.

We subjected Signature Series to the LSPI engine test required for the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification. The test uses a GM 2.0L EcoTec* engine run five consecutive times to test for LSPI. Signature Series – in addition to XL and OE – aced the test, allowing zero LSPI events.

As you can see, we back up the claims surrounding Signature Series with data from legitimate industry-standard tests. We do it to stand out from competitors, and to solve the problems modern vehicles present to your customers.