EAO Filters

Combined Oil Filters WIX, MANN, DONALDSON

Combine AMSOIL EA® Oil Filters with Filters From Wix®, Mann® and Donaldson® for 100% Market Coverage

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EAO, EA15K) rank among the highest efficiency filters available in the auto/light-truck market, providing a perfect pairing for the superior protection and performance provided by AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.

Market Coverage

Our Ea Oil Filter line covers more than 92 percent of North American passenger cars and light trucks on the road today, and we are in the process of adding new filters that will bring our market coverage to more than 95 percent.   A customer who needs motor oil most likely needs an oil filter at the same time. You may wonder why we don’t offer Ea Oil Filters that cover the rest of the market. Covering the remaining market would require adding more than 100 filters to the lineup, as well as a number of additional challenges

Special Manufacturing Requirements

Only a select few filter manufacturers are capable of making AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters. We partner with specific manufacturers who build our filters according to our exact specifications. Ea Oil Filters use only high-performance full-synthetic media, and not all manufacturers maintain production lines capable of producing the


View of EAO Oil Filters

Exploded View of An EAO Oil Filter

Potential Sales Volume

Most vehicles for which we don’t offer an Ea Oil Filter are pre-1990s vehicles or specialty European cars. The limited market and potential sales volume for those filters don’t justify their introduction. In some cases, we don’t cover newer vehicles for which there is a limited market. The 2014-15 Chevrolet* Cruze* diesel, for example, only saw 12,173 vehicles enter the market.

Engine Design Changes

In the case of many new vehicles, the engine design changes from one model year to the next, meaning the filter size changes, too. The 2016-17 Chevrolet Cruze diesel, for example, takes a different filter than the 2014- 15 model. Considering Chevy only built approximately 7,000 Cruzes in 2016 and 2017, once again the potential sales volume doesn’t justify introducing a new Ea Oil Filter. In some cases, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or filter housing manufacturer controls the filter design with a specific media, and we cannot produce a filter using our advanced media until the intellectual property (IP) expires.

New Ea Oil Filters, WIX and MANN Options                                   

WIX Oil Filters

We review our Ea Oil Filter line annually to ensure the optimum lineup for maximum vehicle coverage, and we add new filters based on several criteria, including WIX, MANN and Donaldson sales; number of customer requests; number of potential applications and whether or not the potential new filter fits our core market.

To ensure you can sell a filter to just about every customer, we partner with WIX, MANN and Donaldson to cover the vehicles our Ea Oil Filter line doesn’t. WIX, MANN and Donaldson filters offer excellent performance, and you can be confident you’re taking care of your customers whenDonaldson Oil Filter they buy one.

Between AMSOIL Ea Filters and our partnership with WIX and MANN, we cover the vast majority of the market with premium filtration options, allowing you to sell with confidence, gain new customers and build your business.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters: The Superior Choice

AMSOIL Ea Filters feature advanced full-synthetic media, making them one of the highest efficiency filters available for the auto/light-truck market.

MANN Oil Filter

Advanced Media Technology

Cellulose and blended media found in most oil filters have larger fibers than the synthetic media found in AMSOIL Ea Filters. They also have larger spaces between their fibers. This larger space allows particles to pass through the media and sometimes get caught, plugging the media and slowing or stopping the flow of oil. The smaller fibers in synthetic media have a controlled size and shape, resulting in better durability and greater efficiency and capacity than cellulose filters. Ea Oil Filters provide a higher level of engine protection and extended filter change intervals.

Absolute Efficiency

The exclusive technology used in AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters provides filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns. Ea Oil Filters are among the most efficient filters available for auto/ light-truck applications.

Maximum Capacity

AMSOIL Ea Filters have greater capacity than competing filter brands, providing confidence the oil filter will provide filtered oil to the engine over the course of the drain interval.

Improved Flow

The synthetic media in AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters allows maximum efficiency without restricting flow. This provides exceptional cold-start performance and ensures consistent oil flow to the engine.

Extended Service Intervals

When used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are guaranteed for extended service life:

  • Ea Filters designated with product code EA15K are recommended for 15,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first, in normal or severe service.
  • Ea Filters designated with product code EAO are recommended for 25,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first, in normal service or 15,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first, in severe service.