How to Protect Your ATV or UTV

ATV or UTV are the Swiss Army knives of motorized equipment. They tackle any task or terrain, like pulling trailers, plowing snow, herding livestock, powering through mud and snow.

All that hard work and good clean fun place tremendous stress on your ATV/UTV. It is up to the motor oil and other lubricants to withstand the intense heat and stress that can sideline your rig if you’re not prepared. Standard service lubricants may not be formulated to deliver the extra measure of protection needed to maximize ATV and UTV performance and life.

Take your maintenance routine to the next level, upgrade to Amsoil synthetic lubricants.

Accessories equal weight

It is common to burden you TV or ATV with accessories designed to increase power or productivity, especially for you TV owners. Enthusiasts often had roof and door panels, a winch, a plow, skid plates and other accessories. Plus, how often do you call a load of gravel of pull a trailer or other implements?

This all adds weight, and extra weight equals extra heat. Heat, in turn, causes lubricants to break down sooner, which places your engine and differentials at risk of wear.

Heat invites engine wear

The oil’s primary job is to form a protective layer on metal parts to keep them separated so they don’t rub together and wear out. High heat from the stress you place on your machine, can cause oils formulated for standard service to become thinner lose viscosity. Oil that has lost viscosity can failed to develop an oil film of adequate thickness or strength to protect against wear.

High heat invites sludge and performance robbing deposits inside the engine. Sludge can clog oil passages and starve the engine of oil, while deposits can cause the piston rings to stick our interfere with proper valve operation, leading to reduced engine compression.

Since compression equals power, over time your engine can make less power, limiting your ability to ride or work as effectively as possible. Eventually, deposits and sludge can wreck the engine completely.

Shifts To Better performance

The story is similar inside the transmission, differential and front drive. All the extra weight and stress of high work and performance riding concentrates intense pressure on gears. The lubricants coats the gear teeth during operation, guarding against metal to metal contact and where. The added stress, combined with high heat, can break the fluid film and literally squeezed the lubricant from between the gears, leading to where as with the motor oil, high heat causes the lubricant too thin, negatively affects wear detection.

Upgrade To Synthetic Lubricants

So what’s the solution? Ride more conservatively? Hall lighter loads and work less?

Upgrade to high-quality Amsoil synthetic motor oil, differential and transmission fluid, front drive fluid and other lubricants, especially if you modified your ATV or UTV for greater power or productivity. Amsoil synthetic ATV/you TV lubricants don’t contain the impurities inherent to conventional lubricants meaning they  deliver better performance and last longer. They are naturally tough base oils resist extreme heat and maintain a strong protective film better than conventional products.

Think of synthetics as just another performance upgrade. You don’t think twice about dropping a few hundred dollars on a snowblower or work trailer. Over the course of your machine machines life, the few extra dollars you spend per oil change our transmission differential service is a drop in the bucket I comparison, and the return of investment is invaluable.