How High Mileage Oil Protects Your Engine

Whether you drive a compact automobile, mid-size truck, motorcycle, or even a larger heavy-duty rig, when it comes to a motorized vehicle or piece of equipment, your motor oil is important.

Having the correct high mileage oil can protect your engine and even improve its lifespan on vehicles with 75,000 miles or more under the hood.

At AMSOIL, we’ve supported providing our customers with the best in premium synthetic lubricants and ultra-fine filtration systems. Over the years, we’ve determined three main benefits to switching to high-mileage oil for your older engine:

1. Reduces Wear and Tear
2. Rejuvenates Seals
3. Cleans Out Sludge Build Up

Reduces Wear and Tear

High mileage motor oil is actually a specially formulated oil that is designed for older engines. For engines that have over 75,000 miles on them, they are usually past their warranty, so switching to a special oil is recommended to keep that engine working as effectively as possible.

High mileage motor oil includes ingredients like conditioners, antioxidants, and detergents that are all designed to clean and protect an older engine. These ingredients tend to make the oil thicker, actually helping to improve the condition of the engine. This special motor oil reduces overall wear and tear when changed in a timely manner (along with other ongoing maintenance) and can extend the life of an engine and thus, the vehicle.

Rejuvenates Seals

With older engines, one of the main issues typically seen involves parts loosening and things leaking. High-mileage motor oil is designed with additional seal conditioners that actually prevent leakage. By reducing or eliminating leakage, a vehicle will not consume as much oil, and oil will not be wasted to spills or burn-offs.

Rejuvenation of an older vehicle’s seals also helps with healthier emissions and overall vehicle safety.

Cleans Out Sludge Build Up

An engine with 75,000 or more miles accumulated has gone through quite a few oil changes already in its life. Over time, standard oil leaves behind sludge and other residues that can get clogged up and even block oil from moving from the engine to other parts of the vehicle.

High-mileage oil is actually formulated to break up and dissolve this sludge, allowing an engine to breathe and operate better.

Find the Right Oil

At AMSOIL, we’ve been in this industry for over two decades, and we understand the level of protection your motorized equipment needs when it comes to motor oil.

In addition to automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, and small engine machinery, our team specializes in finding the right product for your ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, Marine Outboard engine, and Personal WaterCraft (PWC) engine as well. We even support heavy-duty semi-truck engine motor oil products.

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