The Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil on Your Farm

Making the Switch: Understanding the Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil on Your Farm

Prudent farmers know they need to make the most out of their equipment and keep it in good working order for as long as possible, to reduce the total cost of ownership and keep down the costs of their operations. Farmers looking to remain competitive while adhering to their budget will find it worthwhile to consider what they are putting into the engines of their tractors and other heavy equipment.

What kind of lubricant do you use on your farm? It might be time for you to make the switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil for your agriculture business. Read on for insight into the benefits of synthetic oil:

Promotes Longer Engine Life

The vehicles you rely on to keep your farm running represent a significant investment. Accordingly, it’s best to do everything possible to keep the engine running smoothly. With synthetic oil, you are actually minimizing the wear and tear that can occur when using standard oil.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Thanks to a Cleaner Engine

The cleaner your farming equipment is, such as the tractors, the fewer repairs and the less involved your maintenance duties will need to be. This, in turn, serves to reduce the total cost of ownership of your agricultural enterprise.

Better for the Environment

As a farmer, you are already intimately connected with the rhythms of nature and want to do your part to live in harmony with the planet. Raising crops naturally means you are disposed to protecting our natural resources, and doing so helps establish you as a role model in the community. This is why so many farmers prefer to use synthetic oil – because it is much better for the environment than conventional oil.

When you make the switch to synthetic, you will be decreasing your farm’s carbon footprint. You can even brag about this fact in your farm’s marketing materials, such as on your website, YouTube channel, or social media accounts.

Does Synthetic Oil Have a Place at Your Farm?

Making a significant change to the conventional ways you’ve been doing things on your farm may take a bit of consideration first before you pull the trigger and switch over to synthetic oil. But with so many benefits to using this alternative form of lubrication, you can anticipate an improved bottom line while also seeing to it that your equipment will have a better chance of giving you many more years of service.

At AMSOIL, we are proud of the sophisticated line of synthetic lubrication products we carry. They are designed to improve the useful life of your farming equipment’s engines, giving you more peace of mind in the face of premature breakdowns.

If you have any questions or concerns about moving over to synthetic oil for your engines or need assistance in deciding what products to use, please connect with your authorized AMSOIL dealer, Dave Consalvo at your earliest convenience.