Advances Protection for Hybrid Vehicles

More people are turning to hybrid vehicles to reduce their environmental impact and save money on fuel cost. Most hybrid, SUVs top 35 mpg, well most hybrid sedans exceed 45 mpg. That’s about 40% better than none hybrids. While they’re popularity still lags behind traditional Internal combustion engines (ICE) in the United States, hybrids accounted for 4.4% of US new-car sales in the second quarter of 2022, making them a substantial and rising market segment. While hybrid vehicles offer excellent fuel efficiency, the internal combustion engine in a hybrid vehicle, endures a unique set of challenges.

Infrequent engine usage and increase stop/start activity place demands on lubricants not common in traditional ICE vehicles. New Amsoil 100% synthetic hybrid motor oil is designed to solve those problems with purpose-built protection for the hybrid drive cycle, maximizing, hybrid, engine, life, efficiency, and performance.

Combats Corrosion and Water Contamination

Hybrid engines operate intermittently, making them especially vulnerable to corrosion. Infrequent use and reduce loading of the ICE leads to lower engine temperatures that do not completely evaporate condensation, leading to rust, wear and decreased efficiency. Amsoil 100% synthetic hybrid motor oil increase doses of inhibitors to help prevent condensation-related corrosion which maintain optimal engine performances. This elevated level of dispersants effectively manage water that enters through condensation.

Protects Against Fuel Dilution

Frequent stops/start activity can lead to cooler cylinders and incomplete combustion. This increases the likelihood of unburnt fuel leaking down the cylinder walls into the crankcase. This will contaminate the motor oil-reducing its ability to provide proper lubrication. Amsoil 100% synthetic hybrid motor oil is engineered with a robust viscosity to cling to cylinder walls in combat the negative effects of fuel dilution.

Helps Viscosity Control

Infrequent use of a hybrid engine means oil must flow quickly to reach components when the engine engages, especially at higher RPM. Amsoil 100% synthetic hybrid motor oil provides optimal low-temperature viscosity control and protection of components at startup

Key product attributes

  • Protects up to 15,000 miles or one year
  • Purpose built to combat issues, into HIV and pH EV vehicles
  • 100% synthetic formulation helps maximize fuel economy
  • Corrosion inhibitors fight corrosion caused by condensation and filled solution
  • Flows quickly to reach critical components When engine engages
  • Helps keep combustion chamber and exhaust system clean
  • API licensed
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