AMSOIL SABER® Professional Provides Clear Value For Landscapers

The professional’s choice for two-stroke oil now comes in gallons and makes it clear users can choose the mix ratios they’re comfortable with. Fuel stabilizer has also been added, further increasing its value

Landscape Contractors can start with the conventional mix ratios (32:1, 40:1, 50:1) they’re comfortable with, and transition to the SABER Ratio™ (80:1, 100:1), which offers an uncompromising combination of convenience, savings and protection. 

The Professional’s Choice

AMSOIL research revealed landscaping contractors as the biggest consumers of SABER Professional. Landscapers identified increasing productivity, reducing costs and extending equipment life as high priorities. SABER helps landscapers, loggers and other contractors who use handheld power equipment on the job meet these challenges. SABER effectively addresses other common challenges in these markets, including excessive exhaust smoke, mix-ratio confusion and premature wear and engine failure. SABER Professional and the SABER Ratio save time and money and increase convenience.

One Oil Covers All Mix Ratios

Each pre-mix two-stroke application carries its own mix-ratio specification. With other two-stroke oils, contractors using multiple types of handheld power equipment must maintain separate cans of gas mixed at different ratios for each application. Managing gas cans mixed at different ratios can result in confusion, misapplication, damaged equipment and increased costs. SABER Professional eliminates this issue. It can be mixed at any ratio up to 100:1 and used in any pre-mix two-stroke application, regardless of the ratio specified for the equipment. Users simply choose their preferred mix ratio and fuel all of their equipment from a single gas can. Professionals seeking the ultimate in convenience, savings and protection use the SABER Ratio.Saber 2-cycle

benefit, use the SABER Ratio.

     MIX                   RATIO     OIL      FUEL

Conventional         32:1     4.0 oz.   1 US GAL

Conventional         40:1     3.2 oz.   1 US GAL  

Conventional         50:1     2.6 oz.   1 US GAL

Saber® ratio™    80:1     1.6 oz.   1 US GAL

Saber® ratio™  100:1    1.3 oz.   1 US GAL

Engine Protection

SABER Professional has been tested and proven to provide premium protection and performance at 100:1 mix ratios. It is recommended for any mix ratio up to 100:1. When tested at half the treat rate for conventional oils (100:1 vs. 50:1), SABER Professional easily passed the industry-standard lubricity test. SABER Professional is designed for hot-operating two-stroke engines, effectively fighting carbon/deposit formation and prevent ring sticking.

Smokeless Operation

SABER Professional’s synthetic formulation burns clean, passing the industry-standard smoke test at the standard rich mix ratio. When mixed at the SABER Ratio, smoke is virtually undetectable. Equipment operators subjected to smoke and fumes benefit from these low-emission properties. 

Fuel Stabilization

SABER Professional provides the additional benefit of fuel stabilization to help prevent fuel from deteriorating during storage and causing poor engine performance. There is no need to add an additional fuel stabilizer when putting equipment into seasonal storage.