Motorcycle Peak Riding Season

Motorcycles are frequently ridden in stop and go traffic during hot summer months, which increases engine heat. Elevated heat breaks down conventional oils reducing their ability to protect against wear. Conventional oils are also prone to evaporate, which leads to increase oil consumption and transmission wear which requires owners to top off their oil. Bikes with wet-clutch, the oil does double duty by lubricating the transmission, which exposes it to mechanical shearing.

For maximum performance and protection, motorcycles need oil designed to:

  • Resists extreme heat,
  • Guard against engine and transmission wear
  • Provide small, confident shifts, in all kinds of weather or operating conditions

Synthetic base oil ‘s naturally reduce friction better than conventional oil’s which help keep engines running cool. Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil is engineered with premium synthetic based oils that help protect engines from extreme heat and keep parts free for performance-robbing deposits.

Advance oxidation inhibiting and anti-wear additives:

  • Help maintain proper lubrication
  • Reduce engine and transmission wear
  • Prevent clutch, blazing and slippage
  • Promote smooth shifting, positive wet- clutch engagement
  • Extends clutch life.

Amsoil’s low volatility helps reduce oil consumption for extended oil life and optimum, long-term lubrication performance.

Benefits of AMSOIL

Amsoil motorcycle products are formulated to provide superior performance and protection, for two stroke, four stroke, V-twins, metric motorcycles and dirt bikes. Amsoil complete line include:

  • Complete oil changing kits
  • Oil filters
  • Cleaners and protectants
  • Brake fluid,
  • Transmission fluid
  • Suspension fluid
  • Grease
  • Coolant and fuel additives

AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle Oil 8,000 Mile Torture Test

Motorcyclists expect bikes to perform flawlessly in all kinds of operating conditions, reliability is paramount. Powerful and compact motorcycle engines generate extreme heat when stressed which can lead to oil consumption and accelerated engine and transmission wear.

To demonstrate the performance of AMSOIL 10W40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle oil, an 8000-mile torture test was initiated on a high-performance 890cc Yamaha MT-09 motorcycle. Amsoil punished the bike with conditions designed to generate extreme heat and engine stress to include 1800-mile road miles and 8000 miles of simulated heavy traffic on the dyno, where oil temperatures reached 200 *F.

After testing, the engine and transmission were disassembled, and the oil analyzed. With AMSOIL 100% synthetic formulation and advanced additives, the AMSOIL 10W40 oil maintained its protective viscosity in spite of the extreme heat and shearing forces. The oil also delivered excellent wear protection, keeping the pistons, cylinders and cams looking like new.

The bike required no top-off oil during the test demonstrating the resistance to oil consumption. AMSOIL 10W40 oil provides the protection motorcycles need to handle any riding conditions.