Amsoil CVT Synthetic Transmission Fluid

The automatic transmission fluid market has fractured into dozens of applications required dozens specifications. The CVT market is especially frustrating for motorists and installers. Amsoil synthetic CVT fluid and the entire Amsoil transmission fluid family cover a wide range of specifications, helping you cut through the confusion by the right clothes for your customers.

The transmission fluid market has changed dramatically over the past decade. Updated versions of the Ford and GM specifications that once dominated the landscape have fallen below 50% of current aftermarket use. Meanwhile, the market share highly specialized, OEM specific fluids, is expanding

Room For Error

The combination of rapidly evolving technology and a growing number of ATF specifications has led to an increased probability of Ms. application, especially in the CVT market. Even seasons independent repair technicians can have difficulty choosing the correct fluid for every application. Installing the wrong fluid of deterring are deferring maintenance can lead to costly repairs. The graph at right illustrates the growing number of specifications. CVT specification become particularly problematic.

Tricky Specifications

Consumers and installs like are often confused by what constitutes a universal CVT  fluid. Industry has yet to standardize viscosity requirements and other aspects of CVT fluid. To further propagate the matter, manufacturers that use the same transmissions as those in their competitors vehicles can require the installation of a fluid that meets completely different specifications.

Amsoil Synthetic CTV Fluid

Lubricating the CVT is a balancing act. CVT’s rely on metal to metal contact function- the appropriate amount of friction keeps wear under control and the driver during a quiet ride. Amsoil synthetic CVT fluid meets or exceeds all the specifications required to protect transmissions in today’s most popular vehicles. It provides exceptional frictional properties to help prevent belt and chain slipping and help extended in the transmission life.

Target markets:  Independent transmission and auto repair shops,Do it yourself auto enthusiasts

Key benefits: Excellent wear protection, help prevent belt and chain slipping

Field Proven

Field testing was conducted to compare Amsoil synthetic CVT fluid in Nissan and asked to CVT fluid. Test vehicles were driven hundred thousand miles before the transmissions were torn down and inspected.

Amsoil CVT fluid The vehicles belt and pulley system protected from where throughout the duration of the field trial proving it is an excellent replacement for Nissan and is to CVT fluid.