The Advantages of Diesel Additives

Want better performance, greater protection, or increased stability from your diesel engine? Diesel vehicles of all types can benefit from one or more specific and targeted fuel additives.

Diesel Fuel Additives Explained

A diesel additive is an extra ingredient that you can add directly to your vehicle’s fuel supply to provide a range of improvements and enhancements. Better yet, diesel additives are incredibly easy to use and can inexpensively address issues that might otherwise cost a small fortune!

The line of additives by AMSOIL cover the entire spectrum of diesel vehicle owners’ wants and needs. Serving as great examples of exactly what diesel additives can do, AMSOIL’s high-quality products include….

Diesel Injector Clean

Easily clean the dirty injectors on your diesel engine with diesel injector clean. This product also lubricates pumps and injectors to lessen routine wear and tear. Results of Diesel Injector Clean use include increased power and torque, decreased smoke and emissions, and lower maintenance and downtime costs.

Diesel Cetane Boost

For a considerable boost in overall vehicle performance, it is tough to beat Diesel Cetane Boost. Raising cetane levels as many as 8 points, this additive maximizes both horsepower and fuel economy. It also makes your diesel vehicle easier to start and run more smoothly while idling.

Diesel Cold Flow

This product protects your vehicle against the problems that inevitably arise when diesel fuel is exposed to cold weather. In short, it helps fuel to flow as necessary, even when dropping temperatures would otherwise cause it to solidify. Formulated with an advanced deicer, Diesel Cold Flow not only improves fuel flow, but it helps prevent the clogging of fuel filters plugging under frigid conditions.

Diesel Recovery

An emergency fuel treatment diesel fuel that has gelled, this additive can help you bring a vehicle back to life that would otherwise require towing. When temperatures drop during the winter months, diesel fuel can easily dip below its cloud point. When this happens (typically around 14 degrees Fahrenheit) wax crystals begin to form and the fuel becomes both cloudy and sludgy. Diesel Recovery liquefies gelled diesel fuel and thaws frozen fuel filters to get you back on the road.

Blended Diesel Fuel Additives

For added convenience and financial savings, AMSOIL and other additive manufacturers often combine two or more specific diesel fuel additives in a single blended package. For example, AMSOIL delivers cleaner injectors, enhanced lubrication, boosted power, and greater fuel efficiency in a single blended additive with its Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost. It also combines Diesel Injector Clean, Diesel Cetane Boost, and Diesel Cold Flow in its Diesel All-In-One additive.

For More Information

To learn more about diesel fuel additives and what they can do for your vehicle, contact Dave Consalvo through his authorized AMSOIL dealer website. He will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the company’s diverse line of additives, protectives, fluids, and lubricants.