AMSOIL Nanofiber Filtration Technology: The Ultimate Protection for Your Engine

As vehicle owners and enthusiasts, we know that keeping our engines clean and well-protected is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. That’s where AMSOIL’s nanofiber filtration technology comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of AMSOIL nanofiber filters, exploring their benefits and how they provide the ultimate protection for your engine.

What is Nanofiber Filtration Technology?

Nanofiber filtration technology is an advanced form of filtration that uses extremely thin fibers, often measuring just a few nanometers in diameter, to create a highly effective filter media. AMSOIL’s nanofiber filters are made from synthetic fibers, which provide numerous advantages over traditional cellulose or blended media filters. These include higher dirt-holding capacity, better efficiency, and longer service life.

Benefits of AMSOIL Nanofiber Oil Filters

AMSOIL’s nanofiber oil filters offer a range of benefits that set them apart from conventional filters. Here’s what you can expect when you choose an AMSOIL nanofiber filter for your vehicle:

Superior Filtration Efficiency

AMSOIL nanofiber filters boast an impressive 98.7% efficiency rating, meaning they can capture and hold a greater percentage of contaminants than traditional filters. This superior filtration efficiency helps to keep your engine cleaner and better protected from wear-causing particles.

Increased Dirt-Holding Capacity

The unique design of AMSOIL’s nanofiber filter media allows for a higher dirt-holding capacity than traditional cellulose or blended media filters. This means that AMSOIL filters can trap more contaminants before they reach the point of being clogged, ensuring consistent performance and protection throughout the filter’s service life.

Longer Service Life

One of the major benefits of using AMSOIL nanofiber filters is their extended service life. Due to their superior filtration efficiency and dirt-holding capacity, AMSOIL filters can last longer between changes compared to conventional filters. This not only saves you time and money on maintenance but also reduces the environmental impact of discarded filters.

Improved Oil Flow

AMSOIL nanofiber filters are designed to allow for better oil flow, even in cold temperatures. This means that your engine receives the proper lubrication it needs more quickly, reducing wear and extending its life. Plus, improved oil flow can lead to better overall engine performance.

AMSOIL Bypass Filters: Extra Protection for Heavy-Duty Applications

For those who demand even greater engine protection, AMSOIL offers bypass filtration systems designed to work alongside your vehicle’s primary oil filter. These systems utilize nanofiber filtration technology to remove even smaller contaminants, down to 2 microns in size, providing an extra layer of protection for your engine.

By installing an AMSOIL bypass filter, you can expect:

  • Reduced engine wear
  • Extended oil drain intervals
  • Increased oil and filter life
  • Improved engine cleanliness

Complementary AMSOIL Products for Maximum Engine Protection

In addition to their nanofiber oil filters, AMSOIL also offers a range of complementary products that work together to keep your engine running at peak performance. These include:

High-quality Synthetic Motor Oils: AMSOIL’s premium synthetic oils provide superior protection, performance, and extended drain intervals for a wide range of applications.

Fuel additives: AMSOIL’s gasoline and diesel fuel additives help to clean your fuel system, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions.

Transmission fluids: AMSOIL’s synthetic transmission fluids offer improved protection, smoother shifting, and extended drain intervals for automatic and manual transmissions.

Gear lubes: AMSOIL’s synthetic gear lubes provide enhanced protection for your vehicle’s gears, reducing wear and friction, and improving overall performance.

Grease: AMSOIL’s high-performance grease offers superior protection for bearings, chassis, and other high-load components, extending component life and reducing maintenance costs.


When it comes to protecting your engine and ensuring its longevity, AMSOIL’s nanofiber filtration technology offers the ultimate solution. With superior filtration efficiency, increased dirt-holding capacity, longer service life, and improved oil flow, AMSOIL nanofiber filters provide unparalleled protection for your engine.

Combine these filters with AMSOIL’s range of high-quality synthetic lubricants and complementary products, and you’ll have a complete engine protection system that keeps your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Ready to experience the benefits of AMSOIL nanofiber filtration technology for yourself? Shop our selection of AMSOIL products now or contact Dave for professional help and recommendations. Trust us, your engine will thank you!